A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What if a mysterious asteroid falls to earth and his debris emit strange radiation that mutate machinery and cars into evil monsters? Well, that's the premise of this game.
Your mission is to remove every infecting crystals all around the level, once upon you cleared the sector you can access the next.

Beware the mutant vehicles, they are determined to kill you in any way. From time to time, you will find a shied bonus that will protect your car from the enemy's attacks and cause major damages to them, so, use those bonuses carefully.
Your car, like every car, consume fuel, so, pay attention to not leave it without gas by collecting tanks you will find around.

The game is still in development, it was set on hold for a long time cause other works we had to do, because it reached sufficient usability we decided of releasing a playable demo so as to collect feelings and impressions from the players, so, feel free to write in comments your thoughts about every aspect of it.

This is the first release, so, expect fixes and more levels next weeks

Install instructions

download the game version for your operating system then unzip the executable where you wish and start it

on OSX, if the system wants not to open apps from an unidentified developer you can follow these instructions: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/open-a-mac-app-from-an-unidentified-dev...


ffx_runner_undead_rods_demo0.94_WIN.exe 173 MB
ffx_runner_undead_rods_demo0.94_X11 182 MB
ffx_runner_undead_rods_demo0.94_OSX.zip 107 MB

Development log


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Hi and are you guys still workin on this game?


It's getting more and more gorgeous and getting better.

Thank you!