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Is there anyway to reset progress in game? Re-downloading does nothing.

This game brings me back to the days of using Windows XP. Thank you for creating this.

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Hey, dev! There was a game series known as "Burnin' Rubber," which used the same engine. The games are now no longer accessible and I was wondering if you could let me know about a specific game from the series, "Burnin' Rubber 4." It has a game of the year edition which had worlds to explore and, hell, even planes to fly. Do you know a way to get the game running? Or at least tell me if it's possible to get up and running again. I'm dying to know as this game was so me and I miss it very much so. Thanks in advance :)

(P.S. Sorry for the stupid question. I saw you brought a shockwave game back to life and had to ask.. :P)

I'd like you to see something I believe you'll love. Here, 

I've been playing this game for years but I must have been playing some sort of prototype! This download has music, lampposts, cars in the street, railings, lampposts, money, different car options... and I'd never seen anything like the parking garage maze. How long have these been a thing? The one I've always played was bare. It was called FFXRunner.


I ever play this game few years ago, but in web-game version


I couldn't get this to run on my PC.. The .exe file just won't start. I really want to experience this nostalgic piece of my childhood again, any solution?

what operative system are you using?

Windows 10 64bit

Same for me (W10 64Bit) exe won't start.


the same with me to

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i found a fix! right click the EXE, hit compatability, set to Windows 98/Me, and i set on admin settings.

EDIT: It plays, but the controls dont work and the entire game is white.

hf you tye zip

black van and white suvs they are cop ?

no, they are mafia!

like cute gta

This game is awesome


I played this as a young kid when on school computers those where the days.

can you add visual customazition

HI, what do you mean exactly?

for example something like car color or body kits ?

Can you make a Stand-alone Mac Version instead of using Windows?

unfortunately codebase of this game is very old and is not possible to port it natively on OSX or Linux. As for Mac OSX there is a standalone version, here in download section, who makes uses of Wine "emulator" for running it, you could give a try.
New version, that is under development now, will support natively Apple OSX

Why is the MAC version so laggy? Can barely play it :(


It's finally back, the original, the classic, just as I remember it


I have never seen a game with as much sticking power as this one. People have been playing this for 12 years. When I was still in elementary school, my peers and I would always argue over who got to use the newer computers in our free time, because they were the only ones capable of running Shockwave in order to play FFX Runner. Shoutout to Officine Pixel for making this classic into a standalone PC version!


cool game